Pick Up & Drop Off Map


Parking, picking up and dropping off can go really well as long as everyone remembers the following points:


The circle is ONE WAY. Pull into the circle ONLY on the west end, even if you are heading to the parking lot on the east end.


Every driver should pull ALL THE WAY forward in the circle and all the way to the RIGHT side. Cars need to pass on the LEFT.


DO NOT stop right in front of the main doors. Pull ALL THE WAY forward to the end of the circle, so others can pull into the circle.


Stop for LESS THAN 30 seconds in the circle; it should only take a few seconds to say goodbye and step out of the car. If it will take longer than this, please find a proper parking space to use.


The circle is not to be used for afternoon pick-up. Please use the upper playground for parking. The circle is for buses and group vehicles in the afternoon.


Please don’t let yourself be an exception to these rules. Drop-off and pick-up times are frustrating and stressful for everyone. Hopefully, we can all work together to help things run more smoothly!